Sonoma County Physical Fitness Report

Data Analysis, Programming, R

In August 2007, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors authorized the Department of Health Services to convene a health action council (now called “Health Action”) to work on improving health and health care for all Sonoma County residents. One of the goals of the 2020 Health Action plan1 is to see that “Sonoma County residents are physically active.” A chosen metric for this goal is the “proportion of 7th graders that achieve the Healthy Fitness Zone for all six areas of the annual California physical fitness test.” In 2010, 35% of 7th graders in Sonoma County met this criterion; the 2020 goal is 75%.

As a volunteer, I merged 10 years worth of data to create tabular and graphical summaries of the physical fitness of Sonoma County students.

View the Physical Fitness of Sonoma County Students (2001 – 2010) report.