My Health Care Plan for America

Have the poets become doctors.

Those Bards will know what to do
with a diaeresis or epanalepsis. 
They’ll alliterate the appendix
with the rondelet, prescribe tropes
and tropes of chthonic for a nasty
limerick. They’ll scan meter 
and brain matter, listening for 
iambic pentameter through a
stethoscope. O apostrophe, 
they’ll say, you’ve had your
odes, now is the time for surgery
on your sonnets. They’ll ban 
the cruel practice of vivisecting
villanelles and no one will suffer
of enjambment
They’re cheap – anapaests 
can be removed for a couplet 
of bucks. The vaccine for Haiku 
flu has no side effects and save for 
an epic case, a poem is much 
less paperwork. Irony can 
finally be eradicated, though lord 
save us if there’s an outbreak 
of anacrusis.

Call them quacks,
call them ryhmesters,
but the public loves the option
of a heart crushing ballad
or bone setting verse.

The Daily Graph: Meat

What I notice about this graph:
-Poor chickens
-Marketing of meat products appears to have little effect on meat consumption
-Making meat more available (ie building fast food restaurants) appears to have much greater impact

The Daily Graph: Government Spending

This is clearly not the final word in government spending, but worth studying nonetheless.

This talk of guv’ment spending reminds me of a song!
The sorry rakafratchits. 

Dumb Human

I’d be interested to know how others fare with the same approach.

All that time playing with legos will pay off

People look at me funny when I tell them that I’m going back to school to study statistics [in case you missed memo: I took a an intro to stats course last semester as a prerequisite requirement for vet school. Stats won my heart–I think it was when I first laid eyes on the chi squared distribution.]