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My friend Eric Henry started this program. Eric is cyclist and used to be involved with the old Burlington Downtown Criterium. He’s ridden the Tour d’Organics, and his company makes the tshirts for the Tour d’Organics!

Cycling for the Insane

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June 23, 2010 12:00 PM

Cycling for the Insane

The delightful conclusion to an 1890 article on ‘Cycling for the Insane’ published in The Journal of Mental Science:

For most of us the exquisite loveliness and delight of a fine summer’s day have a special charm. The very life is luxury. The air is full of sound and sunshine, of the song of birds, and the murmur of insects; the meadows gleam with golden buttercups, we almost fancy we can see the grass grow and the buds open; the bees hum for very joy; there are a thou sand scents, above all, perhaps, that of new-mown hay.

There are doubtless many patients before whom “all the glories of heaven and earth may pass in daily succession without touching their hearts or elevating their minds,” but, in time, it is possible even these would, by means of cycling, have their love of Nature, which had been frozen or crushed out, restored. Thus all Nature, which is full of beauties, would not only be a never-failing source of pleasure and interest, but lift them above the petty troubles and sorrows of their daily life.

Oddly, the article also mentions that both amphibious and aerial bicycles have been invented, with “the cost of each machine not being more than £20”!

Link to sadly pay-walled article.


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