Chattanooga waterfront, 12:42

Atlanta Stop

Owee on the footsie

Ah, Poet…

Could we but share thy inner song
    unvoiced by lyric word,
aware the chord for which we long
    were better felt than heard—
Then you and I had surely found
    a deep, unspoken love
whose very stillness would resound
    to all the heavens above.

by Byron R. McClure (my grandfather)

Swinging On You

The letter U makes a perfect swing.
My hands rest softly on the ropes,
my bottom comfortable in the curve.

Forward we go, reach new heights
and back, knowing not seeing where we’re going.
Forward and back. Forward and back.  
U soars higher and I feel the tug of the rope.
My heart pounds and sinks by the forces.–
(I was never one to jump as a kid.)

Like two kids trying to figure out how to have a serious conversation
        — or like two adults acting like children–
we sat in the dirt talking commitment,
You drew three lines in the sand.  The first
straight and narrow (that must be me).
            The second,
forward and
            back.  Forward
and back, away from the axis.

A third line connected the two from
endpoint         to         endpoint.

The solution for the equation of this graph
must be an imaginary number.

It is irrational.

Like deciding to read you this poem.
Forward and back.  Forward and back. Back
and forth.  Back and forth.  Back
and forth.

I’m dreaming now.  My hands are wrapped around where U
points upward.  My bottom held warm by you.  I want to bend
U into an O    MY GOD WHERE ARE YOU?

Letters and numbers. Imaginary and irrational.
That is what I dreamt about when I fell
asleep going back and forth, back and forth
swinging on you.

NC Mountains Trip

Opposite of Sunset

The opposite of sunset is not sunrise.
We walk across the sand
through a forest of dead trees.

It is the old Black man, fishing,
wise and true,
sitting by the lagoon behind us.
Wearing a bleach white shirt and cotton overalls,
he carried his jug of water and cane pole
to catch a fish that would end an era.

The opposite of sunset is a new age.

Here we are facing east on the shore.
We look hard. We look hard where
all the beauty in the world
crashes on the shore before us.